Black Wolf Protection Group is a full-service security provider based in Portland, Oregon. We are a Veteran owned and operated company. We utilize our dedication to service - ingrained in us by the military - to solve our clients' security concerns with the most professional service available at the absolute best possible value. We specialize in site-security work, personal/executive protection, corporate security, and event security offering our professional services for your protection needs.

We strive to hire veterans of military and law enforcement, which requires that ALL of our officers have years of professional-security experience. The most professional team equals the most-effective solutions, and best outcomes for our clients.

Our hiring standards are the highest in the industry. This ensures we have the right people representing you and our company. We pay the highest wages in the region, which helps to guarantee we have the best security professionals on our team...because especially in the security industry, you get what you pay for.

Our officers are also equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to safely protect our clients and their property. Additionally, our team members attend professional training on a quarterly basis. Training includes: CPR/first aid, defensive tactics, taser, handcuffing, baton, firearms training (armed officers) and customer interaction.

Our company also have a company reading list and a professional development program.




We offer our clients a full range of security options all of which are customized specificity to their needs.


UnArmed Officer

Unarmed doesn't mean incapable. Our Unarmed Officers don't come to the job ill equipped. Unarmed Officers are still equipped with batons, pepper spray, tasers, handcuffs, body cams, & body armor. They also go through a one on one training course above and beyond  the state standard required training.

Ideal settings

  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Parks
  • White Collar Events
  • Business Parks
  • Low Value Merchandise Retail Locations
  • Small Private Events
  • Shopping Centers
  • Residential Security / Courtesy Officer

Armed Officer

Armed Officers bring an extra layer of protection to you, your property, or event.  The mere presence of an Armed Officer is enough to make even the most hardened threat reconsider targeting you, your property, business, or event. Armed with the same load out as our Unarmed Officer but enhanced by a duty handgun and/or long gun (per client / contract).

Ideal Settings

  • Crime Scene / Disaster Security
  • Bank Protection / Courier Service
  • Personal Protection / Executive Protection / High Value Retail Locations
  • Hostile Workplace Terminations /Active Shooter Response and Prevention Team
  • Heavy Industrial Parks


plain clothes.jpg

Plain Clothes Officer

Utilizing a "low profile" plain clothes officer may be more suitable for your needs. Officers can still be recognizable as security through the use of an outer vest that reads "SECURITY" as well as open carry of gear or completely Unmarked and concealed carrying all gear to  blend in with a crowd and be an afterthought for your patrons. Suit and Tie options also available.  This can be a good option for religious establishments or other low visibility situations. You can choose this option with either our Unarmed or Armed


Our Founders


Aaron Edgington  

CO-Founder / CEO

Aaron began his career in the U.S. Air Force. A three-time graduate of the Defense Language Institute/Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), he spent over a decade serving in the Intelligence field. Initially, his natural  knack for language and communication found him working as a Middle Eastern Cryptologic Linguist. In this role, he directly supported American commanders and warfighters throughout multiple campaigns in the Middle East, and around the globe. For his efforts, he was recognized as “Transcriber of the Year” by the National Security Agency, as well as U.S. Air Force “Airman of the Year”.

     Shortly thereafter, Aaron was selected to carry out a special-duty assignment in Mozambique, where he worked out of U.S. Embassy Maputo as Defense Attache. In this role, he represented the U.S. Government in official diplomatic negotiations. During this time, he was also responsible for administering both the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Security Assistance Program, as well as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

     Since his honorable separation from military service, Aaron has amassed over a decade of experience in business administration, program management and executive management, as well as human resources management.

Nathan Adams

Co-Founder / COO

Nathan served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years. During that time he deployed multiple times to combat theaters across the globe and was recognized several times for his leadership abilities and mission contribution.

He has attended several leadership academies both in service and in the civilian sector including several Dale Carneige courses and has managed and trained teams with over 65 individuals.  

He has served in nearly every role of the security industry and having done so use's his experience to ensure our clients and officers always receive the best service and treatment.

Nathan holds several medical certifications and most recently attended a course on de-escalation tactics of people experiencing a mental health crisis.

He brings years of high level leadership experience and knowledge of all aspects of security to our professional team.   


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